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Welcome to Cambridge Speaks Out

According to Rape Crisis statistics, 40% of adults who are raped tell no one about it.

Myths around sexual assault and rape are still common.

Survivors are often unable to speak out about what has happened to them.

Many people still find it difficult to believe that rape and sexual assault happens as much as it does. Around 21% of girls and 11% of boys experience some form of child sexual abuse. 23% of women and 3% of men experience sexual assault as an adult. 5% of women and 0.4% of men experience rape. Given how difficult it is to tell people about abuse, these stats are likely to be the tip of the iceberg (see: Cross-Government Action Plan on Sexual Violence and Abuse). The police estimate that between 80% and 90% of rapes go unreported.

Cambridge Speaks Out is a space where people can be heard.

This site is open to all Cambridge UK residents who want to speak out about what has happened to them.

If you want to, you can share your testimony, without your name, by clicking on 'share your testimony'.