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Get support

This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but is here simply to flag some of the support available for survivors of sexual assault or rape, particularly in Cambridge. There is also a link to a resource for those wanting information on how to support a friend who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

Local support

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre is a helpline service run by women, for women and girls who have survived or are currently experiencing sexual violence. Our helpline is also open for family, friends and professionals who are supporting a survivor.

Choices offer a confidential counselling service in Cambridge (UK) and surrounding areas for those whose lives are affected by child sexual abuse.

The Oasis at Rivergate are a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) covering the whole of Cambridgeshire. We can provide care, help and support for anyone who has experienced sexual assault, abuse, rape or sexual violence.

Centre 33 is a long-standing charity, supporting young people up to the age of 25 in Cambridgeshire since 1981 through a range of free and confidential services.

Reporting to the police

See the Rape Crisis website for some information on reporting an incident to the police.

There is also information about reporting crimes to the police in Cambridge on the CUSU/GU Student Advice Service website (CUSU/GU: Cambridge University Students' Union/Graduate Union).

Broader student or university staff support

Anglia Ruskin Student Advice Service the Counselling and Wellbeing Service is available to all students at Anglia Ruskin University and offers a free and confidential service to promote mental health and wellbeing. You can talk in confidence to a professional counsellor about personal or university-related issues that are worrying you. These might range from minor concerns to major issues, from grief work to relationship difficulties, panic attacks, exam anxieties, stress etc.

The Student Advice Service offers free, confidential and independent support to all students at the University of Cambridge. If you feel you have been discriminated against, treated unfairly or would like to discuss something that is bothering you, contact us, whether it's the first time you have a question or as a last resort.

The University Counselling Service (at Cambridge University) is available to all undergraduate students in residence and graduate students on the register for the University of Cambridge. A dedicated University Staff Counselling Service exists for University employees.

National support

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) is a registered charity and the national umbrella organisation for Rape Crisis Centres across the country. We provide a national helpline service which is open every day, from 12 - 2.30pm and 7 - 9.30pm, on 0808 802 99 99.

Supporting a friend

The NUS Women's Campaign have created a useful resource for people who want more information on supporting a friend.